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Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tape

Your requirements will determine which adhesive tape is best suited to your needs.

General purpose packing tape is ideal where the strength of the tape is not the most import feature. Usually price is the driving factor, it will still seal a box, but a couple of pieces extra may be required

PVC tape is preferred by some people for the ability to tear it by hand, but also offers a long lasting adhesion. One additional benefit is the reduction in noise when applying this tape.

Polypropylene solvent tape is a heavy duty  low noise tape, suitable for demanding tasks. It provides good adhesion over time and allows for temperature change as well.

Tamper evidence tape provides a visible sign when a parcel has been opened or tampered with, the tape is available in 2 colours, with a void opened message displayed once the tape has been taken off.

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  1. Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser Starter Kit
    £11.94 £9.95
    • Pistol Grip Dispenser With 6 Vibac 425 Buff Tape Rolls
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  2. Vibac 400 Clear Tape 25mm X 66m 72/Pack
    £51.84 £43.20 As low as £40.44

    Vibac 400

    • Clear Tape
    • 25mm x 66m
    • 72 Rolls

    Packaging Tape is used on a multitude of products everyday, often used to secure items for transit, but different tapes are suited to different jobs.

    Vibac 400 Adhesive tape is suitable for carton sealing and can be used with a dispenser too. Made from polypropylene film with a long lasting adhesion that will safely secure the item.

    The adhesive tape is compatible with moisture after use and resists changes to temperature while ensuring it maintains good mechanical strength.

    Packaging GB sell a range of adhesive tapes, to view them all, click here.

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  3. White 9mm X 66m Tape 192/Pack
    £135.94 £113.28 As low as £107.83

    White 9mm x 66m Tape

    • 66m Roll
    • 192 Rolls
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  4. 3M Clear 48mm X 990m Polypropylene Tape 6/Box
    £85.68 £71.40

    3M Clear 48mm x 990m Polypropylene Machine Tape

    • Price per box of 6 rolls
    • Use with automatic carton sealing machine.
    • 48mm x 990m

    3M machine tape is used for sealing cardboard boxes, cartons, and other suitable sized boxed items that are used on case sealer machines. The machines make sealing boxes more efficient and the 3M tape is used by the machine to seal the cartons. The longer length adhesive tape means less product down time to carry out maintenance.

    3M adhesive machine tape will securely seal cartons with the adhesive and provide a strong seal to ensure the items stay in good condition.

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  5. Adhesive Tapes
    As low as £7.08 £5.90
    • 48mm x 66m on each roll.
    • On 76mm core.
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