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Polythene and Polypropylene bags

 Polythene and Polypropylene bags

Bags are used everyday in packaging and storing items in, Packaging GB sell a range of polythene bags, grip seal bags, and bin bags.

Polythene bags are available in lightweight, medium and heavy duty and with a vast range of sizes available to choose from. The top of the bag can be heat sealed or stapled together, to seal the contents inside, making it ideal for grouping items together, or offering dust and puncture resistance protection to the item.

Grip seal bags offer an easy and consistent way to seal the contents inside a bag. Can be reused multiple times and ideal for keeping small components together. Options available include clear grip seal bags, or bags with a write on panel for easy identification. Sold by the thousand, with prices starting from £5.53+vat

Vacuum packing pouches are able to have air removed from the bag, when used with a relevant machine, resulting in a bag tightly fitting the contours of the object inside. This saves space on storage and transportation costs, making it a viable option for showing items in.

Woven polypropylene sacks offer a heavier duty option over standard polypropylene bags, increasing puncture resistance, sealed with steel ties and twisting tool.

Refuse sacks are ideal for storing rubbish in, suitable for office and general waste management. Options include black bin bags and green garden bin bags, sold by the box.